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4 Reasons To Tell You Are Not Ready To Settle In A Relationship

When you are in a relationship, it comes with several commitments along with it. Many times you are not ready for all the commitments and responsibilities. Read this if you have any doubt about settling in a relationship.

These 4 reasons not to settle in a relationship that will help you decide

  • You are scared of commitment

Commitment comes with a lot of responsibilities hand in hand. When you are not ready to commit you will not be prepared to take on the responsibilities either. That will affect both you and your partner.

  • Change in the relationship

After settling in the relationship the bond that you and your partner share might completely take a different route. And then you will be left with nothing to do about this change.

  • You cannot date anybody else

Once you’ve settled in a relationship, you are bound to commitments and responsibilities which won’t allow you to date anybody who might even be a better match for you instead of your partner.


  • Your social life will end

The other bonds you share with your friends and family will all have a very different scenario altogether. You will have responsibilities and they won’t be comfortable having you around whining about all that is wrong in your life.

Above all, you will lose the dearest bond you share with your partner. You will see a side of them which wasn’t visible before. They will become more possessive, more controlling than you’ve ever noticed. Soon everything you had will fall apart into something you never wanted. You will want to be at urban aquaculture center whereas they will have an opinion about that and everything you do. Nothing will remain as it was before.

If you can manage all these difficulties and still want to settle in the relationship, you’re ready!

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