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5 Linux Open Source Forum Software For Your Website

Online forums are an important part of websites. They are used as a discussion platform for users where they can share their opinions on topics. For example, a movie website contains discussion on movie theories in the forums. These are helpful so you can also understand the many takes a person has dissected a movie plot.

It’s not only contained for entertainment. Forums also help discuss guides and educational things. One example is forums that deal with web development. Here they help users with their coding problems or share tips on how to make their web development easier.

There are many types of niches that a forum holds so they’re very much usable in every website. Below are 5 open source forum programs for Linux that you can use to build a community for your site: 


A well-known forum software, phpBB provides a secure foundation for your website forum. Its anti-spam functionality is strong and its caching system is quite advanced so performance is met with ease. Users can use third-party services to login to the forum, a choice that is mostly popular for Facebook, Twitter and Google users.

Simple Machines Forum

Don’t let its old looking interface fool you. Simple Machines is very much a well-known software and used by many for their websites. It is well secured with their permission management settings, time-outs and IP blocking. It also contains support for various languages.


Discourse is always a great choice for building a community discussion in your website. Aside from the forums, its feature includes a chat room and a mailing list. It’s also available as one of the many apk apps you can use on your mobile.


This software’s clean interface provides a light usability in comparison to other forum software. Its simple features include admin panel plugins, topic and forum subscriptions, and allow users to choose their own styles in the forums.


This open source forum software includes features such as enabling users to create polls, formats posts using html and allows the use of @ mentions. Profile editing also includes avatars, notifications and private messaging. Vanilla also has so many plugins available to use for customization.

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