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Can A Standard Water Softener Remove Iron From Well Water?

Iron in supply water can pose a problem for many households. Even if the iron concentration is 0.3ppm, it can cause staining of fixtures, sinks and floorings, making it extremely troublesome for house owners.

What are the problems of iron in well water?

If well water is your supply for household needs, you can face the following problems:

  • Affects taste of food cooked at home.
  • Stains sinks and fixtures making them look dirty.
  • Causes blockage of pipes.
  • Causes discoloration of water which looks ugly for consumption.

How does a water softener work?

A water softener has resin beads and works to remove iron from water by a process called ion exchange. One can have either of the two types of iron in water, ferric or ferrous. Ferric is insoluble and easier to remove, however ferrous iron tends to dissolve in water and is comparatively difficult to remove.

Is my water softener enough to remove iron from well water?

The answer can be yes and no. If you are using a standard water softener it will definitely remove small quantities of iron from the well water. But you will need a specially designed water softener deoending on the iron content of your water supply. If the region in which you live has well water with a concentration of upto 1ppm, a standard water softener should be enough. However certain regions in the States like Wisconsin and Idaho, the iron content in water can be as high as 15ppm. For such high water concentrations, you need to do special treatment.

  • Add an iron filter to your existing water softener.
  • If you don’t own one yet, choose a water softener with synthetic zeolite.

Do some research and choose from the selected water softener reviews the one that best suits your needs.

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