How To Maintain A Long Lasting Car Batteries

Car batteries will last longer if you have proper maintenance think of it as a child, it also needs attention and caring. It will run smoothly if you have good set of engines and long lasting batteries. So keeping the batteries long lasting should be task for you to accomplish, here’s how.

  1. Testing battery often. You need to know the voltage level of the car battery, this way you will have the knowledge on what its maximum abilities
  2. Keep it moving. Imagine a shoe that you just store in a shoe box or shoe shelter for few months and not able to use it frequently what would happen? It would definitely rot or lose its quality. It’s no different when it comes to cars, as part of maintaining its battery life span frequent driving for extended periods is a must. If it is not use often better spend a portable battery charger for it.
  3. Keeping the lights off. A car will never start without its batteries, so if it function wells on the outside it will circulate properly on the activation inside. Never leave car lights on always turn everything off if you’re not going to use; If kept on forgetting that on your list it will surely shortened your battery life. Everything always has limitations
  4. Always make sure car batteries are properly secured and cables are in their proper placement because if you won’t often check it will cause short circuits that will ruin the batteries and shortened its life span. It will damage your car and will put yourself also at risk. Safety first as always instructed.
  5. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t place metal objects over the battery the reason for it is to prevent from terminal shorting.
  6. Before you’re going to charge the batteries make sure you’re filling it in with distilled water. By that, it will minimize the building up of gas. (For more tips learn about car battery in Singapore)

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