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How To Prevent The Mobile Phone From Water Damage?

So you have dropped the phone in water, pool or somewhere else in water? If this has happened with you then no need to get panic. If the phone owner acts properly in this situation without getting panicked, then they can prevent their phone from being damaged. In the post, we will show you how one can save their phone from damage by water. Going to the iphone xr screen repair store will also be a good option but first, go for the things mentioned below.

What not to do?

When the phone gets dropped in water then never does some things. These things can create a problem with the phone. Those things which one should not do are:-

  • Do not turn the phone on when dropped in the water.
  • Do not try to charge it or plug it in.
  • Do not press any button or any key. Most of the time people use to start pressing the keys when the phone gets dropped in water. The phone is a very important thing, and they get panic and press the buttons which are never to be done. It can create more problems even also.
  • Never shake the phone in this situation.
  • Do not blow dryer: If one will blow the dryer, then it might send the water into other internal parts also so better is to stay as it is.

What should you do?

  • If you are having the phone whose battery can be easily pulled out then remove it as soon as possible.
  • Remove the SIM cards and memory storage cards present on the phone.

These things can help your phone from being damaged. After doing these things, you should consult with the iphone xr screen repair store also to let it get checked.

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