Traditional Games to the Rescue

It comes as no surprise that most children spend a large part of their free time glued to a screen. Meanwhile, parents yell themselves hoarse trying to get children to do something more productive. It is only fair to say that both parties have valid points. Children have nothing else to do with their spare time and they end up reaching for the most instant form of entertainment, i.e., Watching television or playing movies. Parents are well versed with and aware of the negative effects of spending too much time in a virtual world. But, the silver lining is that a truce in the form of traditional games, it appears, has been reached.

What are Traditional Games?

While everyone has a different interpretation of traditional games, they can, for our purpose, be taken to mean any game which does not require the internet or a screen. It preferably encourages outdoor activities and social interactions in the course of its play.

How can Traditional Games help develop a child?

The games that children play today are very destructive in nature. They are addictive to a point where given an option; children would sit in front of a screen, without moving, for several days. Traditional games, on the other hand, have many benefits such as:

. Helping children acknowledge their emotions. Since traditional games are played in the presence of other children will learn how to deal with emotions like loss, fear and despair which follow a stinging loss. They will learn how to handle these seemingly overwhelming emotions in a dignified manner.

. Children will learn to communicate with other players. This cannot be learnt while playing a game in virtual reality. Kids learn to deal with players politely and respect them even when they are flying off the handle.

. Another important benefit is that most of these games need to be played in a group. This means that children will be able to develop social skills. They will also get innumerable memories and moments with their loved ones that they will cherish forever.

. Studies have shown that traditional games like pokerqq, which are very popular amongst adults, increase the logical reasoning capacity of the brain.

All in all, traditional games are definitely being ignored, if not dying out and their innumerable benefits should be reason enough to save and cherish them.

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