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Best Mobile Youtube To MP3 Converters

If you want to listen to some songs on your phone and get those songs for free, you have come to the right place. You can definitely look for your favorite songs on YouTube and convert those to mp3 files. Once converted, you can listen to them on your mobile phones. Without further ado, feel free to see here now the YouTube mp3 converters you should definitely know about.


First on our list is the so-called online software GenYouTube. This tool makes it very easy for users to download content from YouTube and turn those into mp3 files and other available formats such as 3GP, MP4 and more. GenYoutube offers three easy ways for you to convert and download through their site and these are the following: you can copy paste the video from youtube into the website, you can also search from within GenYouTube itself or by adding the word gen at the beginning of the video URL. Once the process has been completed, you now have your files ready for listening on your mobile phones.

YouTube Music

Another way to listen to music on your mobile phones is through YouTube Music. When using this, you don’t need an MP3 file anymore because this is the official app of YouTube for music. You can browse millions of artists, songs and albums all in one place. The app’s basic version is free and you get ads while listening. If you want to listen ad-free, you can also opt to go for YouTube music premium.

Web Browsers

Last but not least, you can just simply use your web browsers such as google chrome or Firefox. The trick here is to simply go to YouTube and tweak some of the browser settings to make it think that you are using it on mobile. From that, it will already allow you to download.

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