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Maneuver in using a Drill Press Vise

Being in the woodworking industry is not as easy as what other people think. To be able to finish a product, certain materials and equipment are necessary. Even just one thing is lacking, the production will be delay.

A drill press vise is one of the apparatuses that is needed to finish a craft. It is a mechanical equipment used to securely clamp an object which enables the workers to fulfill a number of tasks. Compared to holding an object using our hands, the vise will provide greater stability and strength for the workers.

The following are the steps on how to use a drill press vise:

  1. Attaching the vise

You should first make sure if the drill press vise is firmly attached to the drill press table.

  1. Marking drilling point

Mark the spot where you want to drill.

  1. Opening the vise jaws

Rotate the handle in a counterclockwise direction to open the jaws.

  1. Placing the workpiece

Put the workpiece into the vise jaws fkr drilling. To avoid making uneven hole, make sure it is not set in any angle.

  1. Closing the vise jaws

Rotate the handle in a clockwise direction to secure tje vise jaws around the workpiece. Keep on doing it until the workpiece is surely tighten enough and will not slip up.

  1. Aligning the drill bit

Before aligning the drill bit, make sure the machine is off. The drill bit should be align along the drill point which is position by placing an ‘X’ mark on it. This will make sure that the hole drilled is well aimed.

  1. Getting started

Turn on the drill press machine and lower it carefully towards the clamped workplace.

It is advisable that as much as possible, it is good to get a bench top drill press to have a good workpiece.

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