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4 Simple Steps To Increase Followers On Twitter

Have you just launched your business profile on Twitter? Well, that’s great since Twitter is a top choice for business promotion for at least 50% marketers. But with almost every other business on Twitter today, it’s hard to acquire and increase followers here. However, no need to worry – just dig this post below to know the simple steps to increase followers on Twitter.

Purchase Twitter followers

One of the best ways to increase followers is to make your profile popular. Humans are naturally drawn to profiles that are backed by a long line of followers. So, the wisest thing here would be to buy Twitter followers. When other users will see a massive number of followers on a profile, they will deem it to be something actually valuable and credible. Such thoughts will eventually encourage them to follow that profile as well.

Industry-related hashtags

You should pep up your posts with industry-related hashtags. This way, when your target users will search with industry-specific keywords or tags, your profile or posts will come up before them. Posts or tweets with hashtags usually garner more traffic compared to plain textual posts/tweets.

Post contests

Contests are a great way to draw attention. So, try to host a contest on your profile. It’s advised to create a contest that would especially appeal to your target niche. It will assure that your post gets attention from especially those users who are actually interested in your product or service. Make sure the contest prize is industry-specific as well. For example, let’s say you run a bakery. So, a pack of brownies or muffins would make an excellent gift for your contest winners.

Post discount offers

Special deals or discount offers are a wonderful way to inspire interests of your target users on Twitter. A lucrative promo code or seasonal offer will naturally bring in a lot of people on your profile. If the offer and your existing contents speak of quality, many of these visitors would love to follow you.


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