Top Free Gantt Chart Software Solutions

Gantt chart is widely used by big business organizations to breakdown their projects into various segments for improved time and task management. Such a chart makes it much simpler to understand the project and meet the deadlines- thereby helping you achieve your goals much quicker. These charts can be created in PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets and via online software solutions as well. If you require the assistance of a Gantt chart, it would be wiser to depend on chart maker software solutions. They make the process of creating the chart much simpler. Stated below are a few software solutions you can look into.

Top 3 free Gantt Chart Software Solutions:

  • GanttProject: GanttProject is a free software solution that aids you in creation of professional charts. The tool is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. It lets you set up major milestones, promotes Microsoft export and import, enables PERT chart generation and helps generate and compare baselines. It is an excellent medium for smooth and efficient time and task management. The software has simple color coding options and helps assign tasks to individuals participating in the project.
  • Office Timeline: This free and easy to use software solution has been especially made for Windows and Mac users. The free edition works fast to create elegant charts of your project in a jiffy- without any download of software. In fact, you need not even create an account to start building charts here. The software also facilitates creation of charts inside PowerPoints and Excel sheets by exporting data. Its stunning interface with bright colors, distinctive shapes and varied features makes it a favorite among users. To know more about Office Timeline’s various features visit

  • Redbooth: Although Redbooth has a paid edition, yet you can avail many of its features free of cost. This rich-in feature software is known for its ease of use and clean interface. You will simply have to drag and drop tasks to assign them to members. The software also provides various project templates, team workspaces, extensions and generates productivity reports as well.

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