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Knowing The Comparison Of Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to choosing your home cleaning equipment, probably the thing on our list are brooms, rags, and the trusty vacuum cleaner. Of course, among the bunch, the vacuum cleaner is the one that you will invest a large sum of money. So, for choosing the best one, we need to have the most durable one that will last a long time.

In the world of vacuum cleaners, there are two main classifications of them. These two classifications are the bagged ad the bagless ones. So, for your ideal vacuum cleaner, which one will you choose?

The Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s start first with the bagged cleaner. Do you see those vacuum cleaners with a cloth bag installed into them that has a zipper which you can take out collected dirt? Yep, those are the bagged vacuum cleaners. This kind of vacuum cleaner is considered as the more hygienic option and is best for people with allergies. Thus, this is due to that it can contain the dirt within itself. Also, it needs lesser maintenance compared to the bagless ones too.

The downside is that you need to replace the bags whenever it gets full. Thus, this will cost you more money since you will be buying more bag as the installed bag gets full. Also, the mechanism decreases its performance as the bag fills up.

The Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaners, as its name suggests, doesn’t utilize a bag, but either a canister or a cup to collect dirt. The pros of this vacuum cleaner is that it needs less maintenance, it is less expensive, and it is easy to know when you need to empty it. It is also Eco-friendly since you don’t need to buy additional bags to collect dirt.

The downside of this one is that you are more exposed to the dirt compared to the bagged one, and it takes a couple of steps to operate and to empty the canister.


So there you have it, the two most classifications of vacuum cleaners plus its pros and cons. It still depends on you on which variant you choose. For our Italian Friends out there that wants a bagless vacuum cleaner, search aspirapolvere dyson v10 for the best one there is.

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