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3 Seo Blunders To Absolutely Avoid

SEO is a continuously growing industry that certain techniques change through the years. Though there are some SEO experts that keep up with the trends, others don’t which leads to a very poorly optimized website. What’s worse is when people hire these SEO experts for a pricey fee only to have their brand and website get blacklisted off search engines.

To avoid these, it’s best to spot SEO mistakes and to be able to fix them. Avoid such blunders so you won’t waste time in building your site.

Check out these 3 SEO mistakes so as to avoid them:

Hiring Bad SEO Consultants

You hired an SEO consultant or an expert for a purpose. That’s to ensure your site is going to grow and get hits because of their work. Hiring bad SEO consultants are one of the biggest mistakes in SEO and these things happen more often than not.

To avoid these, keep yourself updated on SEO trends. Learn the basics of SEO yourself. This way, when you hire an expert and consultant, you’ll know if what they’re doing is right or wrong and they won’t cheat you off by demanding money from you when you’re well aware they’re not doing a very good job.

Content Duplications

Search engines are strict and they keep a watchful eye on the search results. With that being said, sites that contain duplicate content are a huge mistake. These include content and URLs. In order to solve this problem, just delete the duplicate content and refrain from ever doing this again.

Not Working On It Enough

It takes time to build your website or brand. It doesn’t happen overnight. Some SEO experts leave their sites after building them in just a few months when it fact it takes almost a year or so for it to acquire tens of thousands of views. So never stop building it.

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