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Christmas In Naples: What’s There To See

If you’re looking for something new this Christmas season, then why not head down to the beach? It’s going to be an entirely different Christmas but it’ll also be one of a kind. Besides, it’s not every Christmas season that you can spend it on a nice tropical weather.

One beach that you should check out this holiday season is Naples, Florida. Palm trees line up the avenues and the sophisticated downtown makes for a lovely view. The beach is beautiful and the waters pristine that you can’t help but take a swim.

But what is there to do during Christmas? Below are just a few activities you can check out.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

During early December, Naples celebrates a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. It’s a tradition and one where everyone is welcome to come celebrate with them. During the ceremony, there are theater and dance troupes, bands and choral groups that perform so be sure to get there early to witness all these.

Christmas Boat Parade

Naples has a Christmas Boat Parade that can be viewed at the following spots:

  • Riverwalk Restaurant
  • The Boat House Restaurant
  • Naples City Dock
  • Pinchers Crab Shack
  • Kelly’s Fish House
  • Naples Landings Park

Don’t forget to bring your camera to snap photos of this event. 

Marco Island

There are many things to do in Marco Island Florida which is just a few minutes’ drive away from Naples. The island is the largest in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands and if you’re in Naples, you might as well just head to Marco Island to visit the beaches, go scuba diving, kayaking and many more. Binge on seafood while you’re there and check out the many Christmas traditions this island has.

Visiting Naples won’t be the white Christmas you always dreamed of having but it’s something new and definitely something fun.

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