The Basics Of Card Games

There is a saying that for you to master something you need to learn first the basics. And this applies to almost everything in our society. From learning your first job to practicing your chosen sport to studying new chords in your guitar lesson, starting from the fundamentals is a necessity. Thus, today, we are going to talk about the basics of one of the popular forms of game entertainment – card games. Some of the game cards like DominoQQ are quite perplexing. But if you know the basics of card games, you will easily cope into the game.

All about cards

Basically, a single deck of cards has 4 subdivisions and each of these groups contains 13 cards. Consequently, these 4 subgroups do have unique and different markings; two set of black markings (clubs and spades) and another two sets of red markings (diamonds and hearts).


Every suit has 13 cards and the ranking of these cards vary in different card games. But in general, the order is from highest to lowest starting from ace, king, queen, jack then ten down to twelve.

Before the actual play

Before starting the game, you must shuffle the cards. This will help the game to be clean and fair from any cheats and tricks.

Dealing and Shuffling

Before the dealer distributes the cards to the players of the game, you should shuffle the deck first. As such, no one knows what anyone received in the game.


Usually, the order of the game is clock-wise which will start with the player on the left side of the dealer or the opponent in two-player setting.

Now that you are armed with the basics of cad games, you can now get started with your friends or family members playing your favorite card game.

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