The English Premier League Leading The Rise Of European Soccer Post In Terms Of Revenue

During the 2017 – 2018 season, the 92 professional soccer teams in the English Premier League or EPL and the three divisions have grown a record of 5.8 billion Euros which is 7.3 billion USD in revenue, which makes them on the top of the Europe’s elite leagues table.

It was found out by the Deloitte Sports Business Group through their annual review of football finance that the Premier League club income has increased to 6% of the total revenue from the previous season, which is equivalent to 4.8 billion euros. The review claims that this increase was driven by the growth in the distribution to the English clubs as 5 teams competed in the UEFA Champions League for the very first time.

Consequently, the worth of the European football market is estimated to be 25.1 billion euros. In terms of revenue, the Premier League continues to rise in the industry with its 72 percent income larger than its competitor Budesliga of Germany. However, in terms of attendance, the German stadium is still the best attended in the European leagues with over 43,000 for the recent season.

The popularity of football has grown enormously making it as one of the richest and most lucrative sports in the world. Different clubs and leagues have been competing to not only to gain attendees and viewers but also to gain more revenues in the coming tournaments and seasons. Billions and billions of euros are the main talk when it comes to the revenue generated by the football industry. While playing dominoQQ is a fun activity to play football, the actuall and real playing of football not only accounts to fun and excitement but it is also the home of high profit generation.

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