How Is The Pubg Mobile Making Money?

The mobile gaming industry has been on the go for years now. It has been one of the most successful sectors of the economy and it is expected to grow even more spectacular in the future. As such, one of the biggest mobile games in the market that a lot of gamers are highly invested to is PUBG. This mobile game is free in Google app and Playstore. But the big question is, if it is free, how does PUBG mobile make money? If that is your question as well, you are in the right place. This article will explain to you how this mobile game gathers revenue.

In app-purchases

While downloading mobile game such as PUBG is free, there are a lot of in app-purchases associated in playing it. PUBG has a lot of skins, costumes, emotes and other tools and equipment in the game that players need to buy to enjoy more and have fun. Hence, in-app purchases are one of the main sources of revenue for PUBG.


Marketing activities of different companies across the globe have expanded over the years. As such, they are now using mobile games to promote their product. Hence, companies do sponsorship for the games in exchange of promotion and marketing of their business. This is undeniable source of revenue of PUBG mobile.


In relation to sponsorship, a lot of companies also pay mobile games to place their advertisements on the gameplay. According to research, there are greater returns of leads from mobile advertisements compared to traditional marketing.

Selling users data

While it is not yet proven, one of the sources of revenue of mobile games could probably by way of selling users data to other parties. Perhaps, this is the reason why there are some online sites that provide pubg hacks. But then again, it is nit yet proven.

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