Best Games at E3 2019

Every year, E3 is always the most awaited event for gamers. At the event, a lot of games will be revealed and announced. There are a lot of promising titles that were announced but only a few of them caught us by surprise. Whether it is a remake, a reboot, or a sequel, it cannot stop us from being excited to the new games that will come out. If you missed a lot of their streams because of judi online terpercaya, worry not we will deliver the best games that were announced at E3.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced back in 2015 but this year at E3, we finally have the official release date for the game. The game is going to be released on March 3, 2020. The developers of the game started developing this game way back in 2014 and they are still working hard to improve the old version of it. Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be available on Sony PlayStation 4 only. So better grab your own PS4 before the release date.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Every year at E3, there will always be a new Pokemon game announcement. The new Pokemon games will hit the stores within this year and will only be available on Nintendo Switch. The game will introduce a whole new region called “Galar’ with a whole new bunch of pokemon to catch and train. Nintendo also introduced a new feature that can let you team up with Four Pokemon trainers in a four-player co-op raid.

Halo Infinite

Microsoft announced a new Halo game again at E3. The new Halo game titled “Halo Infinite” is going to be released next year because it will come out alongside the new Xbox console. The game will also be compatible with the current Xbox One. Sadly, Microsoft did not show any gameplay videos on E3 but this does not stop the hype on the new Halo Game.



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