Fortnite: Is this Game Bad For Your Kids?

If you are a parent, you’re happy to see that your kids are having fun. Of course, it may felt happiness to the parent’s eyes to see their kid to have fun in many ways. But there are limitations and restrictions about what our kids are doing for fun. Thus, this may include video games that we let our kids and children play. Although video games are good because they are near us and staying only at home, there are also downsides in playing video games. Video games such as Fortnite has been argued whether it is suitable for our kids or is it bad. Moreover, these kinds of games depict violence and other mature contents that are not allowed for our kids. It is rated T (for teen), and it is not suitable for young ages below 13 years old.

Adverse Effects of Fortnite on our Kids

There are many adverse effects of playing fortnite on our kids. As mentioned earlier, this game portrays violence and mature content that can affect the brain of our kids. Moreover, the game can also interfere with your kids’ sleep, school works, and responsibilities. Too much playing the game can also lead to addiction. Besides, it can also be associated with aggressive behavior and lack of social skills. Lastly, parents should always guide their kids around whether what they play or do.

Benefits of this Game to Our Kids

There are also excellent benefits that your kids may get on playing fortnite. Fortnite is a game that can improve their cooperation and teamwork. Because this game offers gamers to play together as a team. It can also enhance their problem-solving skills, communication, and creativity to attain a specific goal. This games does not only offer fun to the players but also making them as cooperative and trustworthy as a team.


Therefore, the game has negative and positive sides. Although this game gives enjoyment to our kids, there are also downsides in this game. It includes cheats, ESP, walkthroughs, and hack fortnite.

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