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What Is The Fundamental Difference Between Your Semi-Moist And Canned Foods?

What is semi-moist cat food?

There are times when you have to take care of something. The canned food and your semi-moist cat foods are completely different than each other. If you check, then you will see that semi-moist cat food contain about 70% of water inside them. This is the reason why they remain so mushy all the time. And these might feel like you are feeding your cat something gooey, but it is good for them if they have some digestive functions inside their body. They contain over mainly of the energy, and they are served more than the dry cat foods as well. 

What are the canned foods?

And on your cat nutrition guide, you have to understand that the canned foods are also good for your cat but not always. Canned foods are the tuna which comes with a moist feature inside them and which can be right for you since they contain about 60% of the protein inside them. But sometimes your doctor/ vet will sometimes tell that canned foods are awful for your cat because they are stored for an extended period of time than what you can and will see.

Which one is good for your cat?

On the you will check to see that the semi-moist food is right for your cat. Since canned foods are stored for an extended period of time, if you are feeding them to your cat, then you are doing something terrible to them. It is better that you stick to the moist food for your cat. There can be a lot of damage to your cat’s liver function if they are in taking canned food from the store. And sometimes, it might not be suitable for every cat out there, but it is better than your canned foods.

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