4 Rules For Women To Attract A Dream Crush

Have you recently been crushing over a guy? Are your Instagram quotes revolving around love ever since you set your eyes on him? You might probably be dying to reach out to him and let him know how you feel. But telling him directly is probably a bad idea. It is wise to exhibit some psychological signs to him, before you get close enough. There are ways in which you can make him notice you and even attract him to you from a distance. Below are 4 amazing ways in which you can attract your dream crush.

  1. Befriend him first

Friendship paves a way for you to get closer to him. You can try to get acquainted with him via mutual friends. Strike up a general conversation and find common grounds. This helps you with topics to talk on whenever you meet up next. Be careful to not talk about yourself too much. It is most certainly a big put-off.

  1. Laugh and be playful with him

Guys certainly love it when you laugh with them and appreciate their sense of humor. So laugh with him when he cracks a joke. You can even be playful yourself and make him laugh with some amusing lines. However be careful to not get out of your character too much just in order to please him. It will never be worth the effort in the long run.

  1. Show up in places where he hangs out often

It could be a café or a concert. You can drop in with 2-3 of your friends at his favorite places. This helps him to notice you.

  1. Have eye contact and smile

Eye contact is an excellent way to communicate. So always make eye contact with your crush while talking to him, and don’t skimp on that beautiful smile!



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