4 Common iPhone Issues

  1. Damaged display

    Damaged display and cracked screens are one of the most common iPhone problems, and also one of the most annoying. Although it may function okay at the present time, it has a greater possibility of your cell phone unexpectedly being completely broken. It is advisable to have your phone fixed at some point. There are a variety of options, from do it yourself packages to third party repair shops. You can also choose to take your iPhone to an Apple store.



2. Faulty batteries

With the way people are charging their iPhones numerous times within a day, battery issues have become a problem. This leads to businesses like bfn iphone battery replacement service centers being profitable.

2. Water problems

Liquid is the greatest enemy of electronics and iPhones are not exempted. In case your mobile phone is sunken in liquid there are a few things that you could attempt to fix it yourself. Be sure to dry the phone first, and avoid turning it on. Then, put your phone in a bowl of rice. This will soak up all of the liquid within your device. It is best to leave it in the rice for the next 2 days just to be sure. Additionally, if you know how to open mobile phones, you can even dry it with the case open.

4. Screen hang or freeze

This is certainly one of the more prevalent issues and generally, it is very simple to fix. You can either restart your iPhone by turning it off and on again, or do a factory reset. More severe cases will require you to use iTunes to connect your phone to a computer and fix the issue from there. This solution requires you to have the iTunes client on a PC and internet.