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Here Are Some Users’ Experiences Regarding Modafinil’s Effectivity

In recent years, Modafinil has been one of those drugs that have proven itself to help in losing weight. Of course, people have mixed experiences with this drug. Others may have a good experience with this, and some inevitably lost a lot of weight on the process, while others, not so much.

We got here two testimonies in which Modafinil really worked as intended, and also, helped the user shed a lot of weight too while using this.


As Per A Pharmacist’s Own Experience

“I Use Modafinil during my exam days to give me that additional energy to cope up with studying during my job (I get sleepy at night during studying).  At first, it sure is effective, yet later on, my tolerance to it increases. I increased my dose from 100mg to 200mg, and sure did it makes me feel more alert. The good thing about this drug is that it is not addictive, and it increases my attention during exams. The only downside is that it disrupts my circadian rhythm, which in the end, may lead to mental issues like insomnia or memory loss.”


A Psychologist’s experience on Modafinil

“It sure is helpful. For it makes me more awake and it overcomes my tiredness as caffeine does. There is no euphoria or jitteriness when you take it in normal amounts. Also, this feeling is a bit pleasant, which can drive you in taking any task at hand.”

“Surely, it helps you to me bore enthusiastic about what you are about to do. It makes you more diligent to pretty much anything you want to do. Just don’t take it daily, or you may experience insomnia.”


The Verdict

Surely, Modafinil can help you stay awake and alert on anything you want to do. If you wish to know about this drug, you can always check their manufacturer’s official website to learn more about it.


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