3 Workouts For Best Strength Training For Basketball

Basketball is an action-packed game and demands strong, fit, agile and explosive players on the court. Strength training is extremely crucial here to hone up your strength, improve fitness and increase endurance level. The post below offers a brief on the best workouts you should invest in for excellent strength training.

Front squat

Strong legs are extremely crucial for a basketball player and front squat is your best workout here. This exercise engages all the important muscle groups of legs.

Here are some expert tips for the exercise:

  • Keep the back flat and chest up
  • Your elbows must be high all through and the bar must stay on shoulders
  • While you go down, descend in a sitting posture with hips pushed backwards
  • Lower down till your thighs stay parallel to ground.


The game of basketball demands higher pulling strength in comparison to pushing strength. The particular exercise helps to strengthen muscles in biceps and upper back to help you pull down rebound easily.

Here are some expert tips for the exercise:

  • You will need to use motion in full range to work on the biceps
  • It could be challenging to perform multiple chin-ups initially. In that case, you may take assistance to pull it through

Power lunge

Power lunges will help you to develop the ability for faster and more frequent jumps so that you don’t miss out on rebounds.

Here are some expert tips for the exercise:

  • Feet must be in walking distance and apart in lunge position
  • Knee must be behind your toes, keep chest up while the shoulders back
  • While landing, try to land again in a lunge position, before exploding off the play ground

Added to improving physical strength, a basketball player must also take time out to keep the mind calm and improve strategic thinking. It would be better if you can play strategic and analytical games like poker Online. These games will keep you stress-free and also help to develop a strategic temperament.

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