A Handy Review Of King Of Tokyo Board Game

In today’s world of online games, digital board games are quite popular among all age groups. These can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and can be played 24 hours. King of Tokyo is an example of a fun and engrossing digital board game. This game involves winning over the city of Tokyo not via strategic measures, but by becoming and battling monsters!

What is King of Tokyo?

This digital board game is based upon the Kaiju genre. Kaijus are monsters and beasts from Japanese legends. King of Tokyo involves the players becoming one and battling others to win over the city. A player gets to play the “king of the hill” using dice and special abilities. The winner is the one who has either destroyed the entire city of Tokyo, or the one who survives after all the monsters are killed. It is a fun game to play as there are very few games in this genre.

A brief review of the King of Tokyo


  1. The digital board game can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. However it is recommended for those above 8 years of age.
  2. The game has various versions and upgrades. With each upgrade the game and its characters improvise on their look and feel. The artwork and UI is quite nicely done.
  3. The basic game play is easy to understand and younger kids can enjoy as well.
  4. It is pretty quick and lightweight, making it a fun experience.


  1. Young kids who are sensitive to losing may not actually enjoy this game. This is because the game has some quick player elimination.
  2. The game is quick to get over. The abrupt ending can spoil the game for many who like playing games with longer lengths.

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