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The Best Water Parks At Disney

If you are interested in getting wet this holiday season but do not want to settle for cheap inflatable water parks, maybe you will be interested in Disney water parks. If you are considering going on a Disney water park, be sure to check out this article. Listed below are a few of the Disney water parks that are still operating today. 1. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park opened back in 1989. There are only a couple of water parks by Disney that is open today, and this park is the older one. It features a total of 11 visitor attractions. A few of those attractions contain several unique water slides as well as six restaurants choices.

Typhoon Lagoon also offers a great deal of exclusive attractions like the newly created H20 Glow Nights. They also provide the chance to get surfing courses prior to the opening of the park. Surfing classes are accessible to visitors over the age of 8, with an additional payment of course.

Typhoon Lagoon features common waterpark themes, such as beach setting, palm trees, and tropical music which will surely make your vacation unforgettable.

2. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Blizzard Beach by Disney opened back in 1995. It is newer than Typhoon Lagoon, and features a substantial backstory regarding the creation of the park. It was first conceived as a ski park after a snowstorm hit Central Florida, in which the park is located. However, when the snow melted away, the ski park became dysfunctional. Not too long after that, the defunct ski park was converted into a water park instead.

Blizzard Beach offers a dozen visitor attractions as well as 9 eating choices, which includes Summit Plummet, the most intense ride of all the Disney water parks.

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