Get To Know A Better Anonymity Browser Than Tor

Websites nowadays acquire a user’s each and every detail and frame an in-depth knowledge about the user. Platforms like google and yahoo even store a person’s location. Maintaining anonymity is almost impossible while using the most common and popular of browsers. A person could have plenty of relevant reasons to remain anonymous and protect their identity. For this purpose, anonymous browser software is used. These software packages also allow users to navigate through websites blocked in their countries. Two of the best anonymous browsers are discussed below.

Tor Browser

  • Privacy: Helps maintaining privacy by not sharing the user’s location. Bounces the user’s communications around well-distributed relay networks.
  • Access: Lets the user access sites that have been blocked in their respective countries.
  • Easy configuration: Tor is extremely easy to use and portable.
  • Supported browsers: It can be used for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Linuxwithout installing any other software.
  • Disadvantages: Slows down the speed of the internet connection. Doesn’t support flash.

Attraction Of Epic Browser

  • Privacy: World’s one and only private web browser that blocks ads, filters trackers, stops fingerprinting and crypto mining, ultrasound signalling etc.
  • Safety: It establishes the safest connection possible.
  • Fastest: It is the fastest anonymous browser. Its speed is 25% faster than the rest.
  • Price: Other websites price changes with the location of the user, however this browser gives the lowest of the prices.

Due to growing criminal activity on Tor, epic browser is emerging as the best anonymous browser.  Not only dark criminal activities are happening through Tor but many hackers are also spreading viruses through the platform. Other disadvantages of Tor include the problem of data not being encrypted and multiple security flaws have also been found. Tor runs on an extremely slow pace and takes ages to even start. Many governments term people using tor as criminals.