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4 Top Workouts That Will Help To Gain Good Weight?

Weight gain is not just about an athletic performance nutrition. The process also involves investment in a solid workout session. But make sure, you are not doing too much of cardio lest you will end up losing more weight. In case, you need advice on the best exercises to gain weight, follow the post below.


Lunges are fantastic to bulk up as well as to tone up the butt muscles and legs.

  • Stand straight and flex abdominal muscles
  • Extend a leg as if you have to take a step. Now, lean forward to approach a kneeling position with knees bent at 90-degree angles
  • Then, lift yourself up by pushing back right on heel and get to starting position
  • You will do the same with the other leg as well


  • Stand straight with feet at hips-width apart
  • Place hands on hips and also flex the abdominal muscles
  • Now, lower down the body with legs and try to approach a sitting position
  • Rise up and repeat the exercise

Bench press

You will need one weighted bar and flat bench to perform the exercise. Bench press is great to bulk up and build chest, tricep and shoulder muscles.

  • Lie on back on bench with feet touching the ground
  • Take the bar and make yourself comfortable lying down. Make sure you are able to bear the weight of the bar
  • Holding the bar, take your arms up and then bring them down to chest
  • Straighten the arms and follow the same procedure


You will need a strong pullup bar to perform the exercise.

  • Grip the bar with your hands. The arms must be at shoulder-width apart
  • Pull your body up so that the feet take off from the ground and stay suspended
  • You have to bring the chin above the pullup bar
  • After that, lower down the body gradually and then again rise up in the same position

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