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Some Of The Top Marketing Campaigns In Sports!

The sports industry is the most successful industry with enormous scope in the future. Sports have a huge fan base all over the world, and people from all over the globe follow different sports regularly. Various brands use these advantages to promote their products among sports lovers. Various brands sponsor different athletes and sports teams to attract the fans of that sport towards their products. They launch various interesting and attractive marketing campaigns relates to sports to engage the sports lover and promote their products among the fans and supporters. You can also earn some easy money through tips dapat jackpot 2019 without any additional effort.

Amazing sports marketing campaigns ever

Chasing the gear

It was an immensely successful marketing campaign by the famous sports brand Adidas to showcase its latest Olympic edition of sports gears. The whole campaign was telecasted using Facebook live. The basic idea of the campaign was that some athletes would run through the city of Toronto and people will chase them to get a free set of sports gears, that’s why it was named as chasing the gear. It was live on Facebook, and viewers were also given some chances to win some gear by reacting and sharing the video. The live stream acquires more than a million viewers and a lot of reactions from all over the world.

‘Mauka Mauka’ Campaign

It was a widespread marketing campaign initiated by a sports channel during the cricket world cup. It was launched on YouTube and made some videos related to the rivalry of the Indian cricket team with other teams. They added a pinch of humor in the videos and spread in the whole country like a fire. It was a unique idea of marketing, and people got highly engages with the campaign, which made it one of the most successful sports marketing campaign.