Video Games Lovers-Here Are 5 Amazing Benefits

Video games have evolved over the year. In contrast with the simple arcade games of the yesteryear, today’s video games are complex, challenging and almost scary. Gone are the days when people used to be scared for their children’s health and mental wellness in-case they played video games. In today’s world, it has been proven by science and accepted by adults that playing video games is very advantageous.

Advantages of playing video games

  • Hand and eye coordination: The mental simulation provided by video games helps in coordinating hand and eye movements.
  • Vison: Video games help in improving one’s vision. Playing video games in moderation can help fix lazy eyes.
  • Leadership qualities: Video games help to impart many skills and qualities like leadership quality and problem-solving skills.
  • Aging process: Researchers have proved that playing video games help people to remain stress-free and slows down the ageing process.
  • Social connections: Video games help in connecting people from all around the world so one can make new connections through the platform of video gaming.

Other unknown advantages

  • Diseases: Playing video games helps in fighting many diseases like autism, dyslexia etc.
  • Video games also assist in improving balance in a number of sclerosis patients.
  • Distractions: Video games are a great distraction and can help ease the pain of many people.
  • Happiness: Video games promote happiness as many enjoy playing video games.


Not only children but adults and the youth as well as loves playing video games. It is a lot of people’s favourite past time hobby. Games like bandarq, fortnite, call of duty are famous amongst everyone. Video games provide help in the holistic development of children and parents now believe that an hour of video gaming is necessary for a child’s day to day life.However, excess of everything is bad and one should keep their addiction in check.

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