Why Is Fortnite A Bad Game?

The fever of becoming a fortnite pro player has begun. Fortnite is the only free to play online game to engage 300 billion players in a small time span. The game involves violence and serious battles amongst the players in the form of duos, teams or as individuals in order to win the match and get declared as the winner amidst the 100 online players with all kinds of weapons and harvesting tools.

Opinion of pro gamers

It is considered as an easy game to play but a hard one to conquer amidst the professional players. Winners of each match or round are the bearers of advantageous skills of this field. The game is generally acknowledged as inappropriate for all the gamers as it is extensively addictive. We all continue reading the efforts of the gaming champions unacquainted of the amount of time they waste to fulfill their craving of triumph; the professionals spend about 14 hours a week ,wasting their precious part of the day in combating online.

Fatal effects of fortnite

Although it enhances planning and communication skills, it mentally affects a person degrading his or her ability to control and self-discipline oneself. The game basically deals with killing and shooting others in order to assure your own victory, embedding the feeling of competitiveness and ruthlessness in the players. Its senseless style and unrequired attempts to impress others increases the person’s fondness towards the game. The game trains the player’s mind to think strategically which have increased people’s addiction for the game make it popular and producing more and more professionals or what you call as pro gamers- the pros. The excessive increase of insensitivity amongst its players have caused a huge commotion making it a bad game for most of the is a cause of depression for many gamers who have failed to win the infamous battle consequently.

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