Most Specific Reasons Behind Failure Of A Relationship

Relationships being into your own happiness, this is how it has been defined in recent times. Relationships’ are supposed to be a source of happiness, but is that really the case? It can be said it is a means of temporary bliss.

Reasons for failure of relationships

  • Is it really love?Love is defined by caring. If there is care there is no possibility one can hurt the other. Infatuation is mistaken for love. Infatuation is short term passion or attraction towards someone. Love is eternal people need to figure out the difference.
  • Possessiveness: ‘she is mine, he is mine is’ this is the biggest mistake often made. In the name of love, you don’t own the person.
  • Insecurities: The fear of being left by the partner worsens the situation and makes someone, too sceptical to be in a relationship.
  • Intolerance: Nobody is perfecteveryone makes mistakes and who tolerates such mistakes is in love whosoever doesn’t is not.
  • Carnal pleasures: Satyriasis’ and nymphomaniacs’ these kinds of people get in a relationship for carnal pleasures which can never work for long.
  • Self-obsessions: relationship is about we, us and ours, if this is missing then the relationship is baseless.
  • Bipolar anger: when partners get angry at the same time, neither is compromising the relationship is bound to fail.
  • Over-expectations: Absence of appreciation and expecting too much will annoy your partner and he/she will ultimately prefer to leave.
  • Comparison: Your partner is unique in his/her own way comparing would incite this thought ‘go find a better one.’ 

What should be done?

For a relationship to be successful trust is required, first priority should be your partner. Intentionally,you should not hurt your companion. Being gentle, caring, and passionate about your partner is love, and love alone is strong enough to make the relationship a success. You can find a detailed discussion on similar topics on site.