Avoid Common Dog And Puppy Potty Mistakes

Dogs are one among the favourite pets across the world. Irrespective of the country, language and culture, people love to take at most care for the dog. After all,it multiplies the love shown by its owner.

  • Daily Routine to be followed

Raising a dog can be as challenging as raising a child! One needs to take proper care in helping the dog to perform its daily routine. Raising a dog in a correct way depends on the things like, providing a healthy diet for the dog (or puppy), training the dog or puppy for potty sitting and cleaning the dog regularly. Among these techniques, the most challenging one is training the dog for potty sitting.

  • Avoid Potty Mistakes

Training a dog for potty sitting is a challenging task. But there are some common mistakes that should be avoided when the dog is ready for potty sitting. Avoiding the potty mistakes enhances the stability of the dog which greatly reduces the time for potty sitting and most importantly, it helps the owner of the dog to be free from the daily struggle.

There are many slip-ups that happen when the dog is in the potty training process. Some of them are-

A single second of moving the eye away from the little puppy or dog while poppy sitting may cause an accident to the baby puppies. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to facilitate the puppy or the dog with crate system, this enables the puppy or dog to have a firm attachment with the crate and avoids slipping.

The puppies use certain hints if it needs help to pee. It is necessary to observe the puppies that change their expression. One should not miss the pre potty hints.

One should not forget to appreciate the puppy if it is successful in the potty process.

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