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Blade Or Electric Shavers- Where Would You Invest In?

Men can have different preferences when it comes to shaving. They can either choose traditional disposable shavers, or go for the modern electric shavers. The choice of the bester epilierer is mostly drilled down to personal preferences. You can keep experimenting with both until you are fully satisfied and know what you enjoy using more. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each type to better understand the difference between traditional razors and electric shavers.

Advantages of Cartridge, Disposable and Safety Razors:

These are the easiest to use.

The replacement blades are widely and easily available.

They can provide extremely close shaves, sometimes even better than electric ones.

These are widely available and are easy on the pocket too.

These provide quicker and smoother shaves.

Safety razor blades last longer since they have good quality steel.


Men can suffer from nicks and cuts if the quality of disposables is compromised.

These razors need frequent replacements which can add up to the total cost of using such razors over time.

Such razors can only be used for a wet shave, and never for dry shaves.

Cartridge razors can make your skin inflamed and irritated.

Safety razors can make you bleed initially.

Advantages of Electric Shavers:

These make for the quickest shaves.

Electric shavers prevent ingrown hairs and comparatively lesser irritation.

Most of these provide dry shaving. You can also have electric shavers which can be used both wet and dry.

These come with detachable parts like precision trimmers.

Several models support self-cleaning.


These may not provide close shaves like traditional ones.

Few of these could produce a lot of sound.

Some models can be very costly.

These need some maintenance to keep them in proper working condition.