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Different Types Of Supplements

Usually muscle building or bulking supplements come in two different groups which are known as Protein and Creatine. Let us look at the first one in this article.


These are known to be the main essentials for the growth of muscles. When someone is involved in heavy resistance muscle training, over the course of time, they can experience some damage to the muscle. When/if these occur, the protein in the body immediately takes over the task or repairing the damage. These are known to be larger molecules that are formed as a result of binding of Amino acids within our bodies.

There has been a substantial research done about the subject, however the actual effectiveness of proteins and their main role as supplements in a human body remains far from clear. Based on some studies of men’s bulking supplements, it was found that protein supplements aid in fat free increase of body mass when combined with solid resistance training. However, it does not do much for building the actual muscles or increasing their strength. Although based on another study by British Sports Journal last year, the use of Protein supplements on 1,863 individuals significantly showed positive results in building muscle size and strength over a period of six (6) weeks.

So if we look at the larger opinion scale, it is evident that using Protein supplements can indeed increase muscle mass over time in people of all ages, that combined with the necessary physical exercises to address the overall health and strength of the body.  A important thing to consider is using natural sources of protein as well instead of having a total dependency on just supplements. We can incorporate a lot of healthy and tasty option in all different categories that are enriched with all sorts of vitamins in addition to protein. These usally include eggs, meats, dairy and green beans to name a few.

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