What’s The Difference Between An Attorney And A Lawyer?

In legal terms, the two of the most confused and interchangeably mistaken terms are attorney and lawyer. Other people would think that there is no difference between them. But the truth is, attorney has different essence and value with a lawyer. Hence, to help you understand more, here are some of the major differences between attorney and a lawyer.

  • Lawyers

A lawyer is someone who is considered to be educated in the field of law. He or she is a person who has been educated in the law and will always be addressed as a lawyer. Even though he or she does not provide legal consultations or advice to other people, he is still considered as a lawyer. The truth is, a lawyer who has just finished law school may not be considered or allowed to do some jobs in the legal field such as representation of a client in the law.

  • Attorneys

On the other hand, attorneys are also categorized as lawyers. Attorneys graduate from law school and they also have the freedom to select to practice law as their profession. But a potential attorney must first pass the bar exam to be able to practice law within a specific jurisdiction.

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